7 Most Common Challenges Faced by E-Commerce Businesses

7 Most Common Challenges Faced by E-Commerce Businesses

You could sell just about something back in the day and make insane money. Competition was small, technology was not as inexpensive as it is today, and there was little access to goods. Today, Amazon is everybody’s biggest rival. China is opening up to the world and it is now accessible with technology. Here are the top 10 most popular obstacles encountered by eCommerce businesses of all sizes:



Finding the Right Products to Sell:

Many obstacles to entry have been removed by shopping cart platforms like Shopify. Within days, anybody can open an online store and begin selling all kinds of items.

With their huge online merchandise catalog, Amazon is taking over the eCommerce landscape. Their marketplace and fulfillment services have allowed paying customers to be quickly reached by sellers from all over the world.

Aliexpress, let’s not miss it. By providing access to Chinese producers within a couple of taps, they also streamlined food sourcing.

All of this has made it very difficult for manufacturers, unless you plan to make your own, to import exclusive items.




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Attracting the Perfect Customer

Internet shoppers are not shopping the same way they were back in the day. To scan for stuff, they use Amazon (not just Google). In Social Media, they call for recommendations. To read product reviews when in-store and pay for transactions using all types of payment systems, they use their smartphones.


From the way they view information and connect digitally, things have changed. With computers and social media, they get overwhelmed quickly. Without killing their ad budget, marketers must find out where their audience is and how to best reach them.

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Customer Loyalty

Did you know that recruiting a new client will cost up to 5 times more than maintaining a current one? And that the success rate of marketing to an existing client is 60-70% relative to a potential customer’s selling success rate of just 5-20%?


And that’s why it’s so crucial to preserve consumer loyalty. You SHOULD have outstanding customer support and sustain customer loyalty. For your clients, build meaningful interactions so they believe you. After all, if the clients are pleased, then they are sure to buy from you again.


To maintain customer satisfaction, here are a few tips:

  • Be transparent: Display the website’s url, phone numbers and contact details. Make sure it’s easy to find for buyers.
  • Daily blog: About why? Since blogs trust people, it provides the organization with a human viewpoint and helps set you apart from your rivals.
  • Send email: As their preferred choice of business contact, many clients choose email. You can quickly collect emails and communicate with your customers using optin software such as exit-intent. To make guests feel welcomed, you can also personalize your popups with customer names.
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Capturing Quality Leads

A large amount of money pushing traffic to their online store is expended by online retailers. With conversion rates ranging from 1% to 3%, in order to get the best out of their marketing activities, they must put a lot of work into providing leads.


The money is listed on the list. For long-term growth, creating an email subscriber list is key. Not only will it help you express your post, but it will also encourage you to make greater use of resources such as Facebook Custom Audiences.


Not all leads are equally generated. In order to translate them into leads in hopes of converting them into buyers, marketers must build the right message for the right audience.

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Shipping and Price

Giant online stores such as Amazon can sell items at a comparable amount, but since they have the ability to do so, they offer free shipping. They have worldwide distribution warehouses, and transfer orders from the closest factory. How do you solve these eCommerce market problems as a smaller online business?


Get imaginative to look past carriers of big names. Look at using a local distribution or courier business that offers the goods fast at a reasonable rate to your customers.

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Retailers and Manufacturers

Most internet firms source their goods from suppliers and producers. Unfortunately, some manufacturers and distributors often market the same goods directly to consumers several times.


Have a statement that limits the manufacturer from marketing directly to consumers in your deal. Another option is to assign preference to those most likely to sell to consumers directly. That way, your producer isn’t going to be your rival either.

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Data Security

Technical difficulties in eCommerce can be one of the most challenging to solve of all the eCommerce market issues today. And it can be a disaster if such technological problems are linked to data protection. Attackers can not only corrupt your website with malware, but sensitive details can also be revealed.


Remember the huge breach of security on Facebook? The assault exposed nearly 50 million users to personal information. Hackers sought to extract information such as name and hometown from private users.


First of all, to fix this issue, backup your data periodically in case it gets stolen.


Next, to keep the website from being compromised, add protection plugins where necessary. If you’re using WordPress, for example, downloading a WordPress security plugin will improve security dramatically.


Wordfence, BulletProof Security, and All In One WordPress Security and Firewall have several popular security plugins. Take a look at our choices for the best security plugins in 2020 for WordPress.

There are many obstacles facing corporations online, as you’ve heard. But you can fix those challenges with a few quick fixes and concentrate on running your organization instead.

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