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Martexy in Real Estate

More than 200.000 Leads delivered in 2023 to Real Estate companies across the world. With our Real Estate Program, you receive the top buyers for your apartments in Sale


Blockchain Advertising

We advertise Blockchain

We run ads for world's top Crypto Companies!


We have run thousands of campaigns and We love to share the results with you.

They are innovative and knowledgeable, and since they are often sought out to Beta Test the latest marketing innovations, we have benefited from this, as it has given us a significant competitive advantage.

Martexy amazed us right away because they demonstrated how they could help our company not just with content management but also with technical issues. The technical review and analysis they provided for us were outstanding and the results have had a significantly positive.

We’ve collaborated with a well-known companies, but it became clear that the person in charge of our account didn’t really read the content they’d created for us before sending it over. Martexy Media Group took the time to edit it thoroughly before giving us exactly what we needed. 

Meet the Martexy Media Team

"We’ve built a team that combines excellence in digital marketing with extensive knowledge in Creating, Connecting and Converting....”

Hubert Lazowski

“Martexy is a place where we do what we love to the full extent

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Meet The Backoffice

Anna & Alona

Backoffice is a place where all fun take place at Martexy. We do a master research on our client’s targeted markets and find the most reliable and advanced ways for the business needs.

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Advanced Marketing Services

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"I always believe in every job has it's own professional and Martexy Media Group is the one in Online Advertising!"
Stephan Hanter
Senior Programmer at Enel-Med

Advanced Advertising

Our paying search experts are dedicated to making clients’ advertising function as hard as possible to achieve optimal efficiency and ROI. We reliably deliver excellent results, as these paying quest case studies demonstrate, thanks to a deep understanding of creativity and best practice, a finger on the pulse of new developments, and experience in using (and creating) industry-leading technologies.

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advanced advertising martexy

Conversion Rate Science

We test multiple pages and build the best customized landing pages that convert the visitors. The paid advertising strategies are useless unless there is no converting and appealing landing page for the services we are providing. To have the knowledge of best performing landing pages we use A/B Testing methods and Full SEO optimized landing pages.

Tailored Consulting

We offer One on One and In house trainings.  We consult the most possible mistakes, problems, solutions and coach your team about upcoming scenarios in your business. Our Agiled Tailor Consulting Services help you grow your brand reputation, your team effectiveness and acquire better results.

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How Apple IOS 14 will affect your Facebook Ads ?

The three new app regulations from Apple are likely to go into effect soon. There’s nothing surprising about this. The digital advertising ecology is dynamic and ever-changing. Changes have happened in the past, and they will most likely happen again in the future, whether it’s new government rules or tech company policy…

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