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The Super Bowl Ads of All Time

super ads of all times martexy

In recent years, marketing agencies have taken back the hidden curtain and begun doing things unprecedented even 10 years ago, comparable to how the proliferation of game video and football data has made it more accessible.

7 Most Common Challenges in E-Commerce

E-Commerce-in-our-daily-life Martexy

You could sell just about something back in the day and make insane money. Competition was small, technology was not as inexpensive as it is today, and there was little access to goods. Today, Amazon is everybody’s biggest rival.

7 Influencer Marketing Strategies in Online World

7 influencer-marketing-strategies

Influencer Marketing is now an important part of many strategies for digital marketing. Think about it as a new way for word of mouth promotion to be achieved. In order to build content on your social networking platforms, you find the best influencers, and people retweet it, enjoy it and connect with it in the forums…

Most Questions Asked About Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate-marketing Martexy

There are people who make money mostly from the internet. Affiliate marketing is a powerful way to create a passive income online, among the numerous ways to make money online, such as selling on Amazon, eBay, Etsy, or establishing an online business. 

Boost Your Small Business with Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing Martexy

It’s easy to assume that affiliate programs are only valuable for large organizations, and that they’re a necessary part of a list of the top jobs. However, even a small business can benefit from getting involved in affiliate marketing. 

How Apple IOS 14 will affect your Facebook Ads

Facebook IOS14 MARTEXY

iOS 14 has a redesigned layout with support for widgets that may be pinned to the home screen in a variety of sizes. This is the most noticeable change in the update for most people. It provides a more personalized experience for the user while being simple and natural to use.

How to Hire Digital Marketing Agency ?

How to hire Digital Marketing Agency Martexy

When you employ a digital marketing agency, you’re partnering with a group of experts who are all dedicated to helping you build your company. That’s a cool partnership, but it’ll take a lot of effort to maintain. 

Facebook Ads Dos and Don'ts

facebook ad monitoring martexy

Facebook marketing has become the preferred way to promote brands since Facebook began allowing businesses to pay to boost their posts or pages. Some ads fail, while others succeed spectacularly. So, have you ever thought about why this is the case? 

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