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Our tailored consulting services may be just what you’re asking for if you’re looking for a skilled PPC practitioner with expertise coaching campaigns to profitability.

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Many companies and brands handle their paid advertising in-house. The majority of businesses lack proper digital advertising training programs for their ad management teams.

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Martexy provides the best in House Training. We do not need any other agency to run our campaigns anymore, thanks to Martexy our team is in full capacity to take care of our projects.

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The majority of marketing teams aren’t specifically trained in how to make PPC and landing page optimization work for your company. Few marketing degrees even include an emphasis on the practical digital tactics that can make or break your campaign’s success or failure.

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Google Analytics, Google AdWords, and landing page design and optimization are all covered in our in-house training programs. We’ll come to your office and adapt the training to your team’s current skill level. Before we arrive, we’ll spend time getting to know your company so we can figure out which aspects of the training to emphasize.

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We are first and primarily educators, with over 100,000 students having completed our full-length online courses. We have the skills, innovation, and track record to make training your team a worthwhile investment.



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Vugar Gasimli, our CEO and Founder, will practically often deliver the training in person. In case of his unavailability, one of our experts shall deliver the trainings

Yes, we offer Google AdWords, Google Analytics, and Landing Page Design training along with other services outlined on our website. You can opt to specialize on one of the themes or combine all.

The training period may take from one week up to 2 months depending on the topics covered and amount of people on teams shall be trained.

Our marketing training is delivered only in English.


We shall definitely provide you with the training materials and other essential kits.

Your team’s ability to implement what they’ve learnt will determine how successful your campaigns are.

In most cases, the best sign of how effective the training was will be the improvement in campaign performance. Your staff will be able to see problems in the account more quickly, and they will be able to resolve any issues that arise.


We also provide the learners examinations to ensure that they understand the principles taught throughout the program.


Indeed most of our clients have been taking online training due to the Covid-19.

In House Training Pricing

Because this service is tailored to your needs, please contact us using the form below and we’ll get back to you to discuss your training requirements. We’ll be able to provide you a quote for the entire program once we have a better idea of what the training will cover.


In-house training starts at $10,000, but the cost varies greatly depending on the specifics of the engagement.

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