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“The Martexy Media Group, has been a fantastic help for branding our services. Although we had very high and risky tickets, Martexy Media Team achieved the best results by creating a magnificent video copies and reached to millions of audience in a reasonable ad costs."


How we run Facebook Advertising?

Facebook Ad Discovery

Facebook Ad Development

Facebook Ad Optimization

Facebook Ad Monitoring

Facebook Ad Reporting

Advanced Targeting

Campaign KPIs

Detailed Reporting

What We do in a Nutshell !

Our full-service Facebook ad agency will assist you with all of your online advertisement requirements. We will assist you with advanced graphics or email marketing newsletters to attract your new customers. We can also manage your Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest advertising to promote your company on additional social media channels. We are confident that our advertising agency will be a long-term partner in meeting your company’s needs.


Our Facebook advertisement services may be the solution if you need assistance with Facebook advertising. You won’t have to spend too much time and money looking for these potential clients or persuading them to do business with you. Finding true, interested Facebook users to convert into actual patrons of your brand is much easier with Facebook advertising. Fill out the form below so we can start helping you grow your business today!


Our account-based marketing programs provide unrivaled benefits to business-to-business (B2B) companies. We develop custom solutions that drive concrete outcomes using industry-leading technologies and a highly intelligent team of specialists.

Choose Martexy for an effortless, hassle-free experience. Make Martexy your trusted partner by learning more about our ABM marketing services and prices!


Most of our experts are ex-Facebook and Google Employees, we trustfully rely on their experience and we guarantee the best performing advertising campaigns. 

Facebook Ad Discovery

We’ll need to learn more about you in order to assist your company with Facebook ads. This allows us to figure out how your future customers want to see your brand on their newsfeed and how to entice them with your advertising. We move into what makes your company special as well as your overall advertising objectives. If you’ve already run ads, we’ll look back at previous promotions and see what worked and what didn’t. Our in-house ad experts will wrap up our discovery process by presenting a detailed strategy that lays out our next steps.

Facebook Ad Discovery Martexy

Facebook Ad Development

The following move is to start creating your Facebook ads. Our ad creatives will write the text, headlines, and explanations that will feature in your Facebook ads. We’ll also use creativity in your advertising, such as high-quality imagery or clear graphics, to draw people’s attention to them. Prior to going online, you will have the ability to check all deliverables from our Facebook Advertising Agency.

Facebook Ad Optimization

The real magic starts once the advertisements are accepted and running. Our digital marketing agency typically starts your campaign with up to 10 ads, and we a/b test those ads on a regular basis to monitor their success. We’re starting to see a pattern in your advertising that highlights high-performing and low-performing ads as time goes on. Our experts will analyze the campaign’s performance data and make adjustments to increase its performance over time.

facebook ad monitoring martexy

Facebook Ad Monitoring

Working with a Facebook advertising agency has a number of advantages, one of which is having an extra set of eyes. You probably don’t have time as a company owner to track, minimize mistakes, and maximize your campaign. We will manage your Facebook advertising for you and track your campaign on a regular basis as part of our service. We’ll keep a close eye on your ad budget and try to avoid mistakes as much as possible.

Facebook Ad Reporting

Our Facebook advertisement agency will send you a detailed report every month. This study will summarize your overall performance and provide insight into the current state of your Facebook advertisement campaign. You’ll be able to talk with us about your campaign on a biweekly or monthly basis to ensure that we’re on the same page.



We can help you achieve your Instagram goal of choice, whether it’s to raise awareness, increase attention, or gain conversions, with everything from strategy creation to campaign analysis.

With Martexy's Instagram marketing services, your business will have all it needs to succeed on Instagram.

Our Instagram marketing services offer everything you need to succeed

Our staff has years of experience running Instagram campaigns and branded accounts for a wide range of businesses, including the following: An in-depth examination of your Instagram account, A plan that is unique to you and your objectives, Proactive management of your Instagram account.

Our Instagram Marketing Services


We use data-tracking tools to gather insights into where each campaign worked well (or badly), allowing us to improve your strategy.

Audience Identification

We can determine how to best use Instagram's powerful targeting features by identifying and assessing your target audience.

Monthly Consultations

We can determine how to best use Instagram's powerful targeting features by identifying and assessing your target audience.

Monthly consultations with your dedicated account manager or social media professional are included in our Instagram management services. Your meetings cover a variety of issues, including the performance of your strategy and your specialist's recommendations for the following month.


We can plan and build an Instagram marketing strategy that is tailored to your company's objectives.


We can keep an eye on your Instagram page and campaigns, spotting and responding to any possibilities or difficulties that arise. We also respond to messages from followers.

Paid Ads

Paid Instagram Ads might help you reach a wider audience and gain traction. We can handle the entire process, from image development to analysis, and optimize the campaign along the way.

Content Creation

When it comes to Instagram, an engaging post is simply one half of the puzzle. You'll also need an eye-catching image that encourages users to like, comment, and follow your business. You'll get a series of customized, high-quality images as part of our Instagram growth services.

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Our experts

We monitor the top performing campaigns on hourly basis to assure the campaigns give the best results.

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Facebook and Instagram have been the part of our family since we joined to Martexy Team.


In Martexy, We use the most advanced DSPs to run the most successful campaigns.

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What makes our Facebook Advertising Agency Unique?

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We have the experience you need

If you recruit an inexperienced employee, freelancer, or intern to handle your Facebook ads, you’re taking a big risk (and almost certainly making a mistake!). Every year, millions of dollars are wasted on Facebook advertising due to a lack of expertise, skill, and competence. You’ll need a Facebook advertising agency with years of experience creating revenue-generating campaigns. Here comes Martexy Team!

We provide you with insight to grow your business

With limited data, it’s difficult to develop and scale your company. We make certain that you are presented with relevant metrics for any advertising campaign we work on. We’ll keep track of your return on investment and provide you with reports that will help you understand it as much as possible.

We are a full-service ad agency

We handle all advertising related tasks, we do not just run the ads, we do a significant research and create a big data to implement the marketing strategy. We analyze every single aspect of your advertising needs and try to apply different angles in omnichanel advertising as well.

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