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A/B testing (also known as split testing or bucket testing) is a technique for comparing two versions of a website or software to see which performs better. AB testing is a type of experiment in which two or more versions of a page are presented to users at random and statistical analysis is used to see which one performs better for a specific conversion target.


How our A/B test services work


Collect data

We'll always point you in the direction of where you can start optimizing. It's best to start with high-traffic areas of your site or app because this will enable you to collect data more quickly. Martexy can help boost pages with poor conversion rates or high drop-off rates.


Identify Goals

The conversion goals are the benchmarks we'll use to see if the variation is more effective than the original. Goals can range from clicking a button or connection to making a purchase or signing up for an email list. Martexy is the best at defining such objectives for you.


Generate Hypothesis

Once we have defined a target, we can start generating A/B testing ideas and hypotheses about why we think they'll be better than the current version. After we have compiled a list of concepts, we rank them according to their expected effect and implementation complexity.


Create Variations

We make the desired improvements to an aspect of your website or mobile app experience using your A/B testing tools. This could be anything from changing the color of a button to swapping the order of items on the page to hiding navigation elements. A visual editor is available in many common A/B testing tools, making these changes easy. We thoroughly test your experiment to ensure that it performs as intended.


Run Experiment

We start your experiment and invite visitors to take part! Visitors to your website or app will be randomly allocated to the control or variation of your experience at this stage. To decide how each experience works, we calculate, count, and compare their interactions with it.


Analyze Results

It's time to analyze the results of your experiment once it's over. We'll show you the results of the experiment and compare how the two versions of your page worked, as well as if there's a statistically significant difference.


Individuals, teams, and organizations may use A/B testing to make small changes to their user interfaces while gathering data on the outcomes. This enables them to form theories and better understand why certain aspects of their interactions influence user behaviour. In another way, they can be proved wrong—an A/B test can show that their assumptions about the best experience for a given target are incorrect.

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One of the most efficient and reliable ways to drive ecommerce growth is A/B testing. A/B testing has played a significant role in the growth of some of the world's largest and most profitable businesses. Put your confidence in Martexy and watch your business grow!

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