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“We have tested all the channels to run our marketing campaigns for our Home & Kitchen brand Hommerch and we also hired different agenices for running our campaigns but never had a success, however we were suggested to contact Martexy Media Group to consult about our marketing strategies, MMG built a crazy Google Shopping Ads Strategies and scaled our business very rapidly."

Aslan Namzi | Project Manager

What are Google Shopping Ads Services ?

Tiered Campaign Structure

Product Feed Optimisation

Granular Targeting and Bidding

Negative Keywords

Testing and Optimization

Merchant Centre Setup & Management

What We do in a Nutshell !

Product listing advertisements, also known as Google Shopping promotions, are a perfect way for eCommerce companies to get their goods in front of more eyes and engage potential customers. Google Shopping is a powerful and flexible tool that can help eCommerce sites accomplish specific goals, such as increasing sales volume or supporting new sales and discounts.


Martexy Media Group, a seasoned Google product listing advertising agency, will assist you in putting this flexible online marketplace to work for your business. We’ll help you sell your goods by creating and implementing strategy-driven strategies that maximize conversions while lowering your cost per conversion.


When you work with our Google product listing advertising agency, we’ll take over complete control of your ads, leveraging our knowledge of Google’s framework to optimize your performance, increase sales, and help you develop your eCommerce company the way you’ve always imagined.


We are a full-service advertising agency that can assist you with all aspects of online marketing. We’ve got you covered if you want to use Google text advertising, Display ads, or Remarketing ads. We can also set up other types of advertising, such as Facebook or Instagram ads if that’s something you’re interested in. Whatever you want, our organization will most likely be able to provide it or will be able to guide you in the right direction.


We have built a successful marketing team that are using our advanced AI tools and fully automated Google Shopping Ads Strategy to build your successful campaigns!

Tiered Campaign Structure

We’ll use our experience managing product listing advertising to create Google Shopping campaigns that are effective and optimized. We’ll keep generic term bids low, prioritize more specific words, and prioritize spending in areas that will offer you the best possible competitive advantage. We’ll emphasize a simple, intuitive, funnel-like campaign framework to ensure that you have high visibility into your various campaigns and their results.

Product Feed Optimization Martexy

Optimized Product Feed

If the individual product listing advertisements don’t attract shoppers, then a well-structured Google Shopping campaign will only go so far! Working with you to build an integrated shopping feed is one of our Google Shopping management services: We’ll write evocative, keyword-rich titles and descriptions, then combine them with enticing visuals that will pique a viewer’s interest. When special images are needed for maximum interaction, our designers will create them.

Granular Targeting and Bidding

We know all the tips and tricks to make Google Shopping work for you and your company as an experienced Google Shopping agency. We use Single Product Ad Groups (SPAGs) to offer your items a specific, regulated bidding structure as part of our Google Shopping management. We’ll also run retargeting campaigns for consumers who have already shown interest in your company and its products, reducing ineffective and unnecessary spending elsewhere.

Google Merchant Account Setup Martexy

Negative Keywords

Negative keywords are used effectively to ensure that your advertisements do not appear for meaningless search terms that cost you money but never result in a conversion. If customers are looking for goods you don’t sell, features your products don’t have, or unique brands you don’t endorse, our Google Shopping management services can ensure you aren’t spending money on the vast majority of keywords that will seldom convert.

Testing and Optimization

When you work with a seasoned product listing ad agency like Martexy, we’ll test bids, keywords, and advertisements on a regular basis to ensure continuous improvement. We’ll refine campaigns based on end-to-end attribution, analyzing the keywords, goods, devices, and audiences that are driving the most conversions for your eCommerce company.

Digital Solutions

For several eCommerce companies, Google Shopping has proven to be a profitable marketing channel. It used to be called “Product Listing Ads,” and it’s a perfect way to increase product exposure, outperform rivals, and generate sales. We can effectively set up and run a profitable Google Shopping campaign for you, whether you’re a small business just getting started or an established brand.

We understand what motivates people to perform well. Our tried-and-true tactics, as well as our collaborative approach to working and one-of-a-kind Google collaborations, ensure that you get the most out of your Google Shopping campaigns.

We’ve built a data-driven, granular approach to Google Shopping campaigns, mixing deep consumer experience with business data including stock levels, product margins, and promotional ranges, and integrating these into our results-driven strategies.

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