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Every B2B business is unique, so our mission is to deliver a highly customized level of service that fits seamlessly into the internal framework.

Martexy B2B Marketing

The Martexy Media Group, as one of the leading account-based marketing firms, collaborates with the internal team to design an ABM and B2B strategy that is customized to your individual needs. We run the structured and advanced optimized ABM Programs to the accoutn lists in order to achieve the higest SQLs

How we run Account Based Marketing?

Account Selection

Distribution Strategy

Martech Consulting

Optimization & Execution

Contact Account

Content Strategy

Reporting & Measurement

IB/OB Marketing

What We do in a Nutshell !

Run effective ABM campaigns to reach your target accounts depending on where they are in their lifecycle. We are a full-service B2B marketing company focused on account-based marketing. Our goal is for main account contacts to make up the majority of the contacts on your list. Let’s devote excessive time, effort, and money to promoting and selling to the most important accounts and contacts.


Our account-based marketing programs provide unrivaled benefits to business-to-business (B2B) companies. We develop custom solutions that drive concrete outcomes using industry-leading technologies and a highly intelligent team of specialists.

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We run advanced ABM Campaigns for B2B Businesses. We prepare all the tier accounts to run the ABM Programs, We have achieved over 70% closure of MQLs in last 6 years of our ABM Processes.

Account Selection

We create your ideal customer profile (ICP) using your current revenue and customer info, firmographics, and technographic and then collaborate with your sales team to pick and rate the target accounts within your total addressable market (TAM).


Distribution Strategy


Before we create content, we develop a plan for distributing it through the platforms that would have the greatest effect on your accounts—both online and offline—as well as ways for the sales team to develop relationships with key account contacts early in the journey. 

Martech Consulting & integration

If you’re just getting started with ABM, we’ll set up a package using the current software stack to help you get started. When you’re ready to scale, we’ll work with you to identify and execute a software stack that suits your needs and budget.

Optimization & Execution Martexy

Optimization & Execution

Your messaging is targeted to the user, your campaigns are optimized for A/B checking, and your dashboard is set up to track metrics by account and tactic. We’ll set up your ABM software and refine it so you can expand from 20 to 200 accounts.

What we do next?

Once the funnels are implemented and the ICPs have been scheduled in the sprint, we begin the Execution Process where we apply the main programs including Account Reach, IB/OB Campaigns, Reporting and Measurement.

"What really became real was the accounts we have tried to contact and convert for last two years came back with zero results untill Martexy took over the process and generated our SQLs in less than 5 weeks ABM Program"
Alona Schymchuk
Mercure Wroclaw Centrum

Contact Account

Your accounts aren’t waiting for you to start marketing to them. We analyze your target accounts and define the personas and purchasing groups associated with each using first- and third-party purpose data. Then, based on their preferences and position in the purchasing process, we provide a system for customized communications and strategies.

content marketing martexy

Content Strategy & Development

We combine the account analysis and delivery strategies to create a content strategy that outlines how each asset, tactic, and channel can generate excitement at each point of the journey—from interactive landing pages that encourage action to targeted e-mails from sales that prompt contact.

Reporting & Measurement

To calculate your account scope, reach, and interaction, we’ll set you up to track every click, visit, sales call, direct mail open, and response. Most importantly, we obsess about the kind of income you can obtain and can assist you in demonstrating the effect of ABM on velocity and value.

Reporting & Measurement
Inbound/ Outbound Marketing Martexy

Inbound & Outbound Marketing

We will help you build “magnetic” inbound marketing. We will target the potential customers — and others who are constantly searching online for ideas — with the aid of inbound messaging, rather than sending out general messages to uninterested viewers. When they arrive at your site, those prospects will find support, advice, and education that is closely linked to the web searches they are performing.

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