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Respect for Our Clients comes before the main priorities

It’s a huge responsibility to manage someone else’s assets. If the client is a small mom-and-pop e-commerce shop or a publicly traded corporation, the results of the campaigns we run for them have an impact on the lives of others. We treat your advertising dollars as if they were our own because, after all, companies don’t pay taxes or employee salaries; people do.

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Respect is Our Passion

Our internal team is made up of people from various racial and religious backgrounds. We all have different perspectives on problems, and our life perspectives span the entire spectrum of values and ideals. Such disparities, however, help to promote closeness and camaraderie in our society of open-mindedness and reverence for individuality. Respect is the foundation of a healthy work atmosphere, and our society reflects everybody expressing that viewpoint.

Transparency is Our Vision

When we plan ad campaigns for our clients, we don’t have access to any information or data that our clients don’t. Every penny is accounted for, every optimization logged, and every data point exchanged, from Martexy account access to regular reporting and billing. 

We are here to create! connect! convert!

Vugar Gasimli

" No one should ever be pitted against a coworker, held to a higher standard than a peer, or made to feel inferior to others...”

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“Our work atmosphere inspires our employees to provide the best possible service to our customers. .”

Vugar Gasimli

“Almost 3 years, at MMG- Never felt any desire to leave this place”
Brittany Wenger
“Team is well prepared for any tasks, everyone follows the core values”
John Bloss
“we are marketers who learned marketing from martexy media group”
Melanie Merritt

Compete Against Yourself

Intrinsic motivation and a sincere desire to outperform your own previous benchmarks will lead to intense work and effort.

Never Stop Learning

We work in a highly competitive and ever-changing sector. Our ad products are constantly changing and evolving, and if we don’t take the time to learn about new features and effective tactics, our clients’ campaigns will suffer. That’s why we devote so much time and effort to staying on the cutting edge of new products, features, and techniques that can help our clients.


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We Love to Collaborate

Our team brings advertising experience and digital know-how to the table, but you’ll still know more about your company and your audience’s specific behavioral patterns than we do. We make sure to get your input on our plans and get a sense of how our campaigns are currently going by scheduling daily review calls. The more we connect and collaborate, the more successful your campaigns will be.

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