Our creative and exciting team is continuously looking for new methods to improve campaigns and results, so why not add Martexy Media Group's professionals to your in-house team? We have a young, experienced team with a variety of marketing skills, so your campaign will be handled by the best of the best.


I Am Vugar Gasimli

Founded Martexy Media Group after working as a Digital Marketing Manager (MARTECH) in the marketing and advertising industry for several years. 

Martexy Media Group expanded more than 100% over the years during its first  years.

In the last 5 years, We have  captured over 250,000 leads, delivered 50,000 items, and drafted over 100 marketing plans and projects for over 50 companies around the world.

Meet Our Team

Zeliha A- Head of Business Development

As the Head of Business Development, I am the driving force behind our company’s growth and strategic partnerships.


Leading our dynamic team, my role combines innovative thinking with a deep understanding of market trends to identify and cultivate new business opportunities.

Hubert Lazowski

Hubert Lazowski- Head of Sales

Hubert is a strong business development professional with an MSc in Business Administration with a focus in – International Business Management from School of Business and Economics, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. 


He manages the customer portfolio, owns and leads customer interactions, and builds and maintains cross-functional customer partnerships (technical, commercial, regulatory).


Hubert is an expert at evaluating new sales development opportunities based on client and market requirements, value propositions, and pricing.


Hikmat Mammadzada- Head of Operations

Experienced in Sales and Marketing industries over 7 years, Hikmet is able to develop and implement over 100 Sales projects. Mr Mammadzada has graduated from the University of Wroclaw in the field of Economics and Marketing.



 He has developed his skills since he was a student and working in international companies in Europe. He is a passionate and dedicated person to fulfill the client’s expectations. 

Aitaj Martexy

Aytaj Ismayilzada- Head of Copywriting

Creative and detail-oriented Copywriter with a strong determination to achieve extraordinary results and ability to work in fast-based business environments. Skilled at creating new email campaigns, managing blogs, and producing content for social media. 


Strong sense of customer focus and commercial know-how to create highly targeted sales letters, email sequences, landing pages and marketing campaign materials. 


Aydan Rasulova Martexy

Aydan Rasulova- Head of Social Media Management

Dynamic and innovative professional with 5+ years of invaluable hands-on experience in handling several simultaneous creative design projects, concept creation, graphic design, animation and visual conceptualization. 


Equipped with the ability to escalate brand awareness by utilizing skills gained in the creative industry, being able to identify opportunities, overcome objections, build long-term mutually beneficial relationships with clients and workforce, establishing a successful and lucrative company.


Strong sense of customer focus and commercial know-how to create highly targeted sales letters, email sequences, landing pages and marketing campaign materials. 


matthew sunday martexy

Sunday Matthew - Web Developer & SEO Specialist

He designs, builds, and launches. Matthew helps provide profitable web solutions for brands and businesses that strive to build long-lasting relationships with their local communities.


He also  provides Digital Marketing Consulting solutions with a much better footprint to position your business better than your competitors. As your Social media consultant, he  has insight into SEO, Instagram, Facebook marketing, YouTube, Twitter & full-scale digital marketing with over 6+ years to manage your Business.

Elchin Huseynov - Web Developer

Experienced and result-oriented Back-end Developer with a deep passion for the job and Computer science degree from the University of Tartu. Offering a strong attention to detail and accuracy, excellent problem solving skills, and the important ability to work in fast-paced team environments. 


Elchin is a reliable with determination to meet and exceed all assigned results.

Alona Schymchuk - Project Manager

Accomplished and result-driven professional with years of extensive experience in overseeing advertising and marketing projects within time and budgetary constraints.

Equipped with a record of success on process improvement, combined with demonstrated abilities in defining innovative solutions and methodologies for safe and cost effective operations. 



Adept at leveraging influential negotiation skills to mediate contracts and create profitable partnerships. 

Anna Dzhumko- Project Manager

Hardworking, organized Strategic Project Manager professional with a proven background delivering sensible marketing solutions on time and under budget while working as a team member or team leader.



With years of experience leading feature design  development of enterprise-oriented products. Lead teams of 5-15 people across marketing departments.

Aytan Farajli Influencer Marketing Specialist

Aytan Faradjli - Influencer Marketing Expert

Experienced communications & marketing professional, highly motivated, innovative, and results-oriented, focused on marketing and planning strategies.


Proactive, dynamic, with great organizational capacity, used to handling multiple tasks and with marked attention to detail and effective problem-solving skills.


She  has dedicated the last 3 years of her career to the development of Influencer Marketing in multinational companies.. She has done important work with global brands. These projects include Lays Smile, Blend-a-med, and Oral-B Challenge campaigns etc.

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